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The Code of Ethics are general standards that shall apply to all classifications of membership, unless otherwise stated. Every member shall conform to the general standards set in this Article in their professional activities and conduct.


Code of Ethic 1 - Integrity

Members shall observe high standard of honesty and shall offer and conduct their business dealings with integrity.


Code of Ethic 2 - Quality

Members shall provide good quality product and service at all times and shall ensure that their products are legitimate and free from other encumbrances.


Code of Ethic 3 - Confidentiality

Members shall not disclose any confidential client information without the specific consent of the provider of that information unless compelled to by law or as required to fulfill their legal obligations.


Code of Ethic 4 - Professionalism

Members shall ensure that their conduct does not bring discredit to the industry and association.


Code of Ethic 5 - Competence

Members shall provide competent information and service to their client and maintain the necessary knowledge and skill in those areas which they are engaged in.


Code of Ethic 6 - Fairness

Members shall conduct their business in a manner that is fair and reasonable.


Code of Ethic 7 - Declaration

Members shall declare that they are not an adjudicated bankrupt and are involved in any kind of illegal or criminal activities whatsoever.


Code of Ethic 8 - Compliance

Members must maintain knowledge and comply with the Constitution of the Association and shall abide by its rules and regulations.

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